A few months ago, Shane and I went on an amazing trip around Europe (Paris > Barcelona > Berlin > Munich > all over Ukraine). After 21+ days, Shane shot thousands & thousands of photos. As you can imagine when you are back to your daily life, it’s super overwhelming to go through all of them! BUT we’ve finally gone through and made selections, and will start sharing over the next little bit!

Here are some teasers + you can see more on Shane’s blog

And the beat goes on. We are now off to Ukraine for the rest of our trip. I can’t believe 2/3 of our trip is already over, what an unbelievable time we’ve had. I can’t wait to share all of the photos we’ve taken!

Our Ukrainian part of this big European trip is going to be a bit different than the first 2 weeks. We are volunteering in Ukraine: I’m not sure what it’s all going to look like, but I believe we will be helping in orphanages, boy’s prisons and Shane is taking portraits of sponsor children and more. It’s going to be very eye-opening, and a very different part of our trip. I’m excited to share what all happens!

Photo via Tant Johanna

Thank you Barcelona! The best and wildest of times. The sun, the streets, the architecture, the people. That city is ALIVE! And, now Berlin is on our mind. Let’s do this!

The Street Aesthetic of Berlin by Christian Andersen

We have just finished our Parisian stay. Sacrebleu! Croissants, Cafes, Macarons, Baguettes, Eiffel Tower at sunset, hung out where Marie Antoinette lived, walked the cobblestone streets, Moulin Rouge, and more… Let’s just stay here forever!

But off to our next adventure: Barcelona! I’m ready to lay on the beach and dance all night. Cannot wait! PLUS, our dear friend Elyse (who is currently living in London & we miss her so much) surprised us a few days before we left that: she is coming to Barcelona too! Dream come true. For real!

You probably need to follow Elyse on instagram too: @elysebouvier

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Live the Language videos by EF

Well, it’s here! We are off on our European adventure. First stop: Paris! Can’t even believe this is happening. I may actually cry when I step off the plane. I was in French Immersion school, so I’ve grown up with the French language and dreamt about this moment for a very long time!

You can follow along with our adventure on instagram: @welikewelove / @syuhas

I have lots of posts coming up, so keep checking in. See you in a few weeks!

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Live the Language videos by EF