A few months ago, Shane and I went on an amazing trip around Europe (Paris > Barcelona > Berlin > Munich > all over Ukraine). After 21+ days, Shane shot thousands & thousands of photos. As you can imagine when you are back to your daily life, it’s super overwhelming to go through all of them! BUT we’ve finally gone through and made selections, and will start sharing over the next little bit!

Here are some teasers + you can see more on Shane’s blog

On the weekend, Shane & I shot the most picturesque wedding. It was MOVIE perfect. I’m pretty sure Candice Bergen and Jennifer Lopez were the wedding planners. We had the best day hanging out with the sweet couple and their amazing family & friends, as a result we shot thousands (!!!) of photos. We’ve started going through them, trying to narrow them down, but we wanted to share a few teasers before the couple leave on their honeymoon! I thought I would share a few here too, and you can see more on Facebook.