6My name is Alyssa, and I like nice things is simply a place where I share my favorite things.

I’m a graphic designer living in Toronto, and I work with individuals and businesses from all over the world. After a number of years working in an award-winning boutique studio and then a large advertising agency, I’ve leaped out on my own and I’m loving it! When I’m not designing magazines, logos and blogs, I find the things I like & love, and share them with YOU in this online version of show & tell. A few years ago, I started WLWL magazine, which was a print & online spin-off of my blog – 12 issues later, with a growing global readership, we are continuing to share stories from creatives living all over the world. A little over 2 years ago, Promise Tangeman and I had the desire to pull together women designers in a retreat-like setting where we could meet, talk shop and relax in the sun. Fast forward, and we are currently gearing up for our 3rd Designer Vaca, which sold out in less than a day!

In what little spare time I have, you can find me inspiring my boy (my photographer husband), going on walks with my baby boy (#babysashahope), discovering favorite places to eat in Toronto, or going on adventures around the world. Whatever I’m doing, sharing or posting, I celebrate it because I love it.