A recent design project I worked on was for the fashion brand Lauren Bagliore, originally from New York City, Lauren shares her time between Canada and New York. I was really excited to work on her rebranding, and what we created really spoke to every aspect of her label. Her brand is edgy, monochromatic, asian-influenced, and it stands for a purpose (she is passionate about fighting to end human-trafficking). We wanted a mark that made a statement, had distinct style and was relatively timeless. After a lot of research on her brand and where she wanted to position herself in the industry, I concepted and then presented a few options, and Lauren was automatically drawn to this mark – for many reasons it was just THE ONE to her & her team. I love when clients see themselves in the design – when all of your research, brainstorming, ideation and concepting creates the perfect representation. That’s the sweet spot.

A special extra to the project was attending Toronto Fashion Week, to see the Lauren Bagliore S/S 2013 collection walk the runway, and to see her new brand projected behind the models. What an amazing feeling to see your designs out in the real world – and not just on the computer screen!

PHOTOS / Jason Hargrove, see more of Lauren’s collection here.


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