With the launch of my new website yesterday, I thought it would be fun to share a few projects that didn’t make the cut onto the new site.

I couldn’t put EVERY project on my site, as I wanted to be selective when showing my portfolio. Too many projects can be overwhelming and dilute the overall presentation. I’m sure I could still take a few off of my site, but it’s so hard to have a critical eye when you are looking at your own work. I recommend doing an edit yourself, and then showing your selections to a few trusted friends or colleagues (who have a good eye) – their feedback will help you edit it down even more! I also recommend not putting on your site projects you wouldn’t want to work on again or clients (industry) you wouldn’t want to work with again. Clients want what they see, so show them what you want to work on!

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ayc-1Today marks a special day: I’ve launched my new website: Alyssa Yuhas Creative!

I’m really excited to share it with you, as I’ve been working on it for a while now. Isn’t that always the case with personal projects? They take FOR-EVER to complete. But, it’s finally out there. No turning back now!

Here are a few shout-outs to TWO very important people in this process:

I was very thankful to have Shane, my amazing patient husband, shoot my portfolio and work with my crazy brain on conceptually shooting my work. I wanted to have a bit of fun interacting with my portfolio, especially my magazine work. We were really in sync on this project – he could totally visualize what I was trying to explain. I am so spoiled to have a husband that takes what I want and runs with it. THANK YOU!

I was also lucky to work with my copywriter, Liz, on this website. I wasn’t only going to  work at making my new site pretty but it was important to me to have care and consideration for the words. She completely took my vision and wrote it out for me. She gave me a language and refined my ramblings. I am so excited when art and copy really come together, because I couldn’t have created this site without her. Through working with her, I had the opportunity to work on my own brand language and create a messaging guide – as a result, I will begin implementing this process with new brand clients. It’s such an important part of your brand, that is very often overlooked. Visuals are important (clearly!), but developing a complete package of brand visuals + language creates a cohesive, strong and mature brand.

Another fun thing with my new launch is the SHOP. I am almost ready to launch that space where I will be offering resources for creatives! I am getting a lot of emails and questions asking about the resources I use, about best design practice or where I get certain patterns/fonts/graphics/stock/etc – I’ll be able to share a lot of that really soon. Right now, we want to learn more about what YOU want and need. So stop by the SHOP page and fill out a little questionnaire.

I hope you will take a visit to my new home! There are a few more things coming up – but I’ll keep you updated here, on my blog (Yes! It’s true! I’m slowly starting to get back to blogging!), or on my email newsletter, you can sign up for it over in the sidebar.

ONE LAST THING: I’ve changed my social media to @ALYSSAYUHAS – keeping it consistent yo! But don’t worry welikewelove fans, we have big plans for that brand. It’s not going anywhere.

wlwl-1WLWL magazine issue 12 launched last week, and TODAY it’s available for purchase. Once again we are totally blown away by our contributors. You’ll have to check out the full issue to see all of the inspiration & beauty! We were lucky to have Hannah Jones from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 (she was top 3!) on the cover – we loved her on ANTM and love her being a WLWL cover model! Plus, we featured two of our favorite bloggers: Laura from Ascot Friday & Target Does It Again + Beth from B.Jones Style!


& here are a few of my favorite images from the editorials:

– Joie Et Tristesse / by Leah Van Loon

– An Isolated Object / by Lisa Sorgini

– Fire Girl / by Jennifer Dickinsonwlwl-3 wlwl-4 wlwl-5


Issue 10 of La Petite Magazine hit the web this morning, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve LOVED working closely with Editor-in-Chief Rachelle of Kenziepoo on the design of the past three issues, as each issue is FILLED with edgy, unique and beautiful imagery for parents and children. Here are a few of my favorite opening spreads…LPM-4 LPM-3



In every issue, I add something else to my wishlist. Since I’m expecting Pip in 8 short weeks, I’m looking with him in mind now, and I absolutely LOVE this Bear Blanket/Rug (shown on Page 191, Petite Style, in the magazine). I’ve added it to my list of wants for Pip’s room, and I’m hoping I can swing it…bearrug Please check out the rest of the magazine, so much talent and beauty showcased on every page: La Petite Magazine / Issue 10


A few months ago, Shane and I went on an amazing trip around Europe (Paris > Barcelona > Berlin > Munich > all over Ukraine). After 21+ days, Shane shot thousands & thousands of photos. As you can imagine when you are back to your daily life, it’s super overwhelming to go through all of them! BUT we’ve finally gone through and made selections, and will start sharing over the next little bit!

Here are some teasers + you can see more on Shane’s blog